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My Mama and Daddy owned a Gammill quilting machine for several years, and they worked together quilting some beautiful works of art. After Daddy passed away Donnie and I would help Mama quilt. Donnie does beautiful panto-gram work and I fell in love with the Statler, which is the computer component. I had a dream to open a quilt shop, have beautiful fabric and quilt quilts for the public. In, August 2017, I "retired" from my corporate Safety position to prepare to open my shop and live my dream. As it happened Odessa was in the middle of an oil boom and there were no spaces available though we diligently looked, everything was either huge or tiny. Life happened in the meantime and I learned so much about patience and trusting in the Lord's timing. We found a space, everything fell beautifully into place and we opened our doors in September 2018 with about 100 bolts of fabric on the shelves and lots of prayers. Blessings continue to pour into our shop. It's amazing how meeting true quilters is like visiting with old friends. Our customers are like family.

What makes Wooden Spool Boutique special is what we offer in products but more importantly how we deliver customer service. We are a friendly, neighborhood gourmet quilt store located in Odessa, TX. We offer quality quilting fabric, an extensive selection of notions, quilt kits, patterns and books and so much more. We are a gourmet quilt shop where traditional meets contemporary.

We also offer quilting for the public. The decision to send your quilt top to have it professionally quilted is a big step in finishing your work of art. My motto is, "It's not a quilt until it is quilted".

Ruth Johnson

As a retired special education high school teacher Ruth fills her days quilting, spoiling her dog babies (3 toy poodles and a lab who thinks he is a poodle), and supporting her quilting addiction by working occasionally at Wooden Spool Boutique. Her past experiences include student pilot, owning a computer training center, owning a staffing service, working for a major oil company and a national charity. Just for good measure, she does the splits to stay agile!!

Monreen Weaver

Quilting has always been a passion for Monreen. She jumped at the opportunity to help Marsha and Donnie open a new quilt shop! Her specialty is piecing and coordinating colors with patterns, but she also has had experience in her own quilt shop and sewing machine dealership in San Angelo, TX for 11 years. She holds a degree in Home Economics from TTU and is a retired teacher with 26 years experience. When she's not entertaining her three dogs (2 catahoulas and a mini dachshund), her other interests include traveling, reading, Hallmark movies and staying in touch with many friends, former students, and colleagues on FB

Marsha Davis

I am a nurse, a teacher, and a safety manager for a family owned business and now I'm living my dream of owing a quilt shop. I have not been sewing or quilting for long, but once I discovered quilt making I fell in love with it. I took Home Ec. in high school and am so left handed that I had great difficulty working a sewing machine. My mama didn't know how to help me with homework because of my left-handedness, from class so she would just tell me to fix supper while she worked on the garment. So, when I went to purchase my sewing machine, I asked for a left handed sewing machine, Monreen happened to be working at the shop and looked at me like I had 2 heads and 3 eyes. She graciously recovered from my odd request and told me she was also left handed and began showing me different models. I signed up for a beginners quilt class and fell in love. Quilting to me is very relaxing and a way for me to escape. I am married to Donnie, who shares my passion for quilting. We have one son, several dogs, several cats and lots of fun. I love to read, cook, travel, and of course quilt. Like most quilters, I have 2 or 3 more quilts started in my head before I complete my current project.